The Brain Behind It All

BrittaS_400What happens in the brain when a decision is unclear? What is the basis for stress and conflict, and how can they be avoided?

Based on neurology, neurophysiology [alt. systemic brain research or systems neuroscience], and psychology, Brain Business relates the workings of the brain to leadership, business, and organization.


Lectures and Workshops

“The Brain Behind It All” is an introductory lecture that ties together research on the brain with leadership, business, and organization.

Using clear and simple illustrations and current examples, this two-hour lecture provides both information and inspiration.  No prior experience is required.  The lecture can be customized for specific groups or branches.

For those who wish to learn more, Brain Business offers workshops which combine information on how the brain works with the opportunity for reflection and discussion of the questions that are important to you and your business.  Workshops are customized for your group and are perfect for situations such team building, business development, branding analysis, crisis management, stress management, or communications analysis.

Brain Business is the brain child of Britta Sjöström who has extensive experience as a business development consultant and with all forms of communication.  She also has experience as an author, journalist, entrepreneur, and business leader.  Britta’s second book, “The Brain Behind It All” was released in Swedish in November of 2015.  Brain Business is also available for process management (for example: within a board of directors, leadership training, or work with values or branding.)


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